De Oude Streek

Machetin, the newest addition in ‘De Oude Streek’ cheese range

Often ‘De Oude Streek’ would get requests of a stronger tasting goats cheese. After experimenting with the cheese and packaging for about a year Hanneke came up with this result, the Machetin. Inspired by the Crottin, a world famous french goats cheese. The Machetin becomes stronger, dryer and lighter closer to the use-by-date. The Machetin…


Machedoux is a raw milk camambert-style goat cheese with edible white blooming rind. Superb for salads, sauces or in other dishes, as well as an excellent cheese plate selection.


Machère is a log shaped goat cheese with a soft white rind. Taste and texture remind of French Saint-Mauré.


Machemat is a mild brie-type goat cheese. It’s very creamy and soft.

Machedoux sec

Machedoux sec; dry and a bit spicy. Excellent on a cheese platter or to grate over a pasta dish.

Hard goat cheese

Hard goat cheese is mild and creamy, making it a good table cheese. The hard goat cheese is only incidentally available at the farm store.


Macendré is a raw milk creamy cheese treated with charcoal ashes. The ashes give the soft rind a black or greyish colour and the cheese a pleasantly earthy flavour.