De Oude Streek

Watch the movie ‘At and around the farm’

A visit with Hanneke Kuppens of the organic goat farm, farmstead cheesemaking and farm shop ‘De Oude Streek’ in Zevenhuizen. View the short movie by Ied van Oorschot If the movie is not showing watch it on Youtube

Machetin, the newest addition in ‘De Oude Streek’ cheese range

Often ‘De Oude Streek’ would get requests of a stronger tasting goats cheese. After experimenting with the cheese and packaging for about a year Hanneke came up with this result, the Machetin. Inspired by the Crottin, a world famous french goats cheese. The Machetin becomes stronger, dryer and lighter closer to the use-by-date. The Machetin…

Open day very successful

September 15 2013 Goat farm ‘De Oude Streek’ celebrated its 25th anniversary. Many visitors enjoyed the festivities and offered delicacies.

The King and Queen take notice of Machedoux

On May 28th 2013 King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima visited Northern Netherlands. They took a short tour through Groningen and Drenthe and they got a taste of the delicious foods which the provinces had to offer. They visited the local food market Landgoed Nienoord. They were very interested in the goat cheese products from The…


Macendré is a raw milk creamy cheese treated with charcoal ashes. The ashes give the soft rind a black or greyish colour and the cheese a pleasantly earthy flavour.

Machère in top 3!

Machère has been chosen third best cheese of the Netherlands during the event of ‘Taste of Holland’ at the Keukenhof. The panel of judges – TV chef Robert Verweij, culinairy journalist Felix Wilbrink and ‘cheese queen’ Betty Koster – described Machère as “Fresh, green, loose and creamy at the same time, earthy and nutty like…

New cheese speciality: Macendré

New in the “De Oude Streek” assortment is the Macendré. Cendré means in French that the product is treated with charcoal ashes and that is exactly what happened with Macendré. The cheeses are rolled through the ashes after the white blooming rind has formed. The charcoal ashes deminishe the acidity a bit,  delay the process…

Machedoux starter in ‘Royal’ lunch

Sunday, 4th of July the newest cruise liner of the Holland America Line was baptised by HRH Princess Máxima in Venice, Italy. During the festive ‘Royal’ lunch Machedoux was used to create a delicious cold starter plate. That makes it the third time this cheese speciality is being served to a member of the Dutch…

No Q fever at ‘De Oude Streek’!

There is NO Q fever at ‘De Oude Streek’!

Sustainability market

November 7th, between 11.00 AM and 4.00 PM there will be a Sustainability market at ‘ plein Beren’ (Korrewegwijk Groningen). A unique event with Fair Trade products, Organic and Regional products. ‘De Oude Streek’ presents their goat cheese specialties at the market