De Oude Streek


At ‘De Oude Streek’ are 40 milk goats, 6 young goats, 2 bucks and Lamberta, the cow. Most are white milk goats, some are mottled black and white. They are milked twice a day and give an average of about 2.5 à 3 litres a goat per day. Most of the feed comes from the farmstead itself. Complemented with an organic custom made mix of mostly grains. If the weather allows it the goats graze in the pasture behind the stable.

To keep producing milk, every springtime the goats give birth to an average of 2 lambs. The last two months of the pregnancy – mostly Januari and February – the goast are not being milked. This is the so called ‘dry period’. During these months there is also no cheese production.