De Oude Streek


Hanneke Kuppens started ‘De Oude Streek’ in 1988 with 21 goats. In the beginning only hard (Gouda) goat cheese was made. Two years later the introduction of Machedoux took place at the famed restaurant Dikker & Thijs in Amsterdam. Now Machedoux is the top selling specialty of ‘De Oude Streek’.

An expansion to 60 was reversed to a total of 40 milk goats. With this many goats there is a natural production circle; the manure the goats produce is used to fertilise the land. The land produces enough to feed the goats plenty of hay and grass for a full year.

To have a small scale farm is by deliberate choice. In 2002 Hanneke Kuppens received the award of “Animal Friendly Farmer” by the the farm animal protection foundation ‘Wakker Dier’.